Discover our serum bottles—a blend of elegance and functionality. Crafted for premium skincare, these serum bottle ensure optimal storage and application of your favorite serums. Explore various sizes and styles for your skincare routine.

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100ml Square Dropper

SKU: CPC33.950

20ml Amber Dropper

SKU: CPC33.932

20ml Round Dropper

SKU: CPC33.960

20ml Square Dropper

SKU: CPC33.937

30ml Amber Dropper

SKU: CPC33.959

30ml Clear

SKU: CPC33.943

30ml HK (Essence oil)

SKU: CPC12.336

30ml Round D

SKU: CPC33.961

30ml Round Dropper

SKU: CPC33.940

30ml Square Dropper

SKU: CPC33.965

30ml Square with Golden Dropper

SKU: CPC33.958

40ml Amber Dropper

SKU: CPC33.936