Explore our empty serum bottles—a fusion of style and practicality. Tailored for high-end skincare, these bottles guarantee the ideal storage and application of your preferred serums. Delve into a range of sizes and designs for your skincare regimen.

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100ml Square Dropper

SKU: CPC33.950

20ml Amber Dropper

SKU: CPC33.932

20ml Round Dropper

SKU: CPC33.960

20ml Square Dropper

SKU: CPC33.937

30ml Amber Dropper

SKU: CPC33.959

30ml Clear

SKU: CPC33.943

30ml HK (Essence oil)

SKU: CPC12.336

30ml Round D

SKU: CPC33.961

30ml Round Dropper

SKU: CPC33.940

30ml Square Dropper

SKU: CPC33.965

30ml Square with Golden Dropper

SKU: CPC33.958

40ml Amber Dropper

SKU: CPC33.936