Browse through our selection of foundation cosmetics glass bottles, offering a blend of elegance and functionality. Our range provides premium packaging solutions, ensuring your foundation products are stored safely and beautifully.

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18mm Pump

SKU: CAP33.306

30ml Clear FD

SKU: CPC33.946

30ml E

SKU: CPC14.76

30ml Flat NPR

SKU: CPC14.109

30ml Oval Foundation

SKU: CPC12.247

30ml Round FD

SKU: CPC33.948

30ml Round FD with Blank Pump

SKU: CPC33.955

30ml Sparkles Foundation

SKU: CPC33.941

30ml Square

SKU: CPC33.944

30ml Square NPR

SKU: CPC14.73

30ml Top-2

SKU: CPC12.246

30ml Y-1

SKU: CPC12.929