Made from durable and non-toxic glass, our glass pill bottles help preserve the potency and quality of the medication. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit most requirements.

10ml Ciba

SKU: CPH12.683

125ml Alpha with Mark

SKU: CPH12.698

18ml G-4

SKU: CPH12.270

20ml Ranbaxy

SKU: CPH12.680

32ml PD round

SKU: CPH12.187

50ml G-22

SKU: CPH12.763

60ml Cipla L

SKU: CPH12.689

60ml Granuies

SKU: CPH12.762

60ml Ring

SKU: CPH12.759

70ml G-12 A

SKU: CPH12.760

82ml Ring

SKU: CPH12.695

G3 27ml (Ambar)

SKU: CPH12.758