In 1965,

Chaudhary Trading started its foray into glassware by offering tableware and global chimneys. Crating was chosen as the preferred packaging method as the primary mode of transportation was good trains.

Chaudhary GlassPack glassware

By 1975,

The product line was expanded to include glass jars for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, hair oils, and creams. We were the only company in the country specializing in airtight bakery jars with capacities of up to 20kgs. Till this point, all bottles were being manufactured at semi-automatic factories.

glass jars for the food industry

In 1981,

The company added Codd Neck Soda Bottles to its portfolio, becoming India's sole distributor of Codd Bottles.

Codd Neck Soda Bottles

In 1993,

The company relocated to a larger office space in response to growth, as the team had grown significantly to manage the growth.

Chaudhary GlassPack Story

In 1995,

Perfume Glass bottles found an entry in our portfolio, and who knew they would become the cornerstone for our growth going forward.

Perfume Glass bottles
nail paints bottle wholesale

In 2012,

Saw the addition of Nail polish glass bottles to the product line.

In 2016,

Exports were the focus;
We set up an office in Dubai.
Chaudhary GlassPack in Dubai

In 2018,

Was the time to give the Brand ID a facelift.

Glass Packaging Supplier