Why Glass Bottles for packaging?

It is time to do your bit in contributing to the well being of the planet we live in. Save the landfills and oceans from Plastic waste choose an option that is recyclable – choose glass.
Be environmentally responsible.

How long will delivery take?

3 to 6 weeks post production.

Can I Have My Own Bottle Made?

We offer a range of offerings across market segments.
But if you have a specific requirement we are happy to design one as per your specifics.
Please connect with our sales team to understand more.

Can I Have An Unusual Bottle Or Jar?

Yes, we offer a range of unusual shapes.
Please click on the link www.ctcglasspack.com/Oddaments to see what we have in our portfolio.
If you have a different requirement our sales will be happy to engage in a dialogue to see how we can help.

What If I Don’t See the product I want listed here?

Please call us or email us at sales@ctcglasspack.com and we will connect with you.

What Is Minimum Order that you accept?

One box of the choice of the bottle is the minimum order quantity.
However, in case of such orders freight (and other delivery) charges has to be borne by the customer

Can I Have My Own Closures Designed?

Yes. We design closures as per the customer requirement. The cost for the same dependson the size, quantity and mould cost.

What Size Closure Does The Bottle Need?

Closure sizes vary based on the bottle design but we follow & recommend industry standards. Detailed specifications are available on each product page.

What is the composition of glass?

Glass comprises of silica (71%) with different % of calcium oxide, sodium oxide, aluminium oxide, barium oxide, boric oxide, potassium oxide, and magnesium oxide.

What is the price of printing on a glass bottle?

Printing prices start from Rs. 3/- per bottle. Please share the design to get the exact price.

Is The Closure Included With The Bottle?

No, it is not has to be ordered separately.

What Kinds Of Finishes Do You Offer?

Finish options are specific to each bottle, the same is mentioned on each product page please refer to that.

Can I Get My Labels Or Stickers Made?

We provide the glass bottles and jars only.
If you wish printing directly on the glass we offer the service but label printing is not offered as a service by us.

Can I Get Some Samples?

We are happy to ship a sample or two free of cost but if the requirement is more than that or of a made to order design then charges will apply.

Can I Get My Bottle Printed?

Yes. We can get your printing done directly on the bottle.

Is the Glass Lead Free?

The glass used in all our products is lead free.

Is the Glass of all your products microwave friendly?


Is the Glass of all your products dishwasher friendly?


Can I buy bottles and jars without Closures?

All bottles and jars come without closures.
If you need closures they need to be ordered separately.

Are the glass bottles/jars and closures airtight and leak proof?

The Closures for glass bottles and glass jars are designed to fit them perfectly and hence are leak proof and airtight.