Candle Jar

Enhance your product’s prominence on shelves with our wholesale candle jar collection.

These premium jars are expertly crafted from high-quality glass, meeting industry standards to ensure safety and durability. As your trusted wholesale candle jar supplier, we offer a wide range of wholesale glass jars with lids, bulk glass jars and bottles, and big glass jars for various needs.

Explore our online inventory to discover Wholesale Clear Glass Jars, amber glass jars & green glass Jars in different sizes for candles and other home fragrances.

As a preferred bulk glass bottle jar supplier for your glass packaging requirements, we are happy to customise it to fit your requirements. Give your brand’s presentation a facelift and improve your product reliability with our comprehensive range of glass jars.

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160ml Candle Ribbed Jar

SKU: CHF12.291

20ml Candle jar

SKU: CHF47.1284

300ml Candle Jar

SKU: CHF47.374

400ml Owl Jar

SKU: CHD39.471

500ml Candle jar

SKU: CHF47.778