High-quality Glass honey storage containers from Chaudhary Glasspack for packaging honey retain the goodness of honey.
Available in various sizes and designs, they make the perfect choice for keeping your honey fresh and uncontaminated while helping your product standout on the shelves.

1.5oz Mini Jam Jar

SKU: CFD12.68

1000ml Square Honey

SKU: CFD50.846

100gm Square Honey

SKU: CFD50.842

100ml Hexagonal Jar

SKU: CFD39.265

1oz Jam Jar Preserve

SKU: CFD12.67

250g Square Honey Jar

SKU: CFD50.404

250ml Crown Honey

SKU: CFD12.217

250ml Hexa Jar

SKU: CFD12.235

250ml ITC Jar

SKU: CFD34.277

255ml Honey Jar

SKU: CFD12.234

25gm Square Honey

SKU: CFD50.841

30ml Tarro

SKU: CFD12.253