Reed Diffuser

Elevate your brand with our high-quality glass diffuser bottles in customizable shapes and sizes.

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100ml Accord Diffuser

SKU: CHF12.738

100ml Boston Diffuser

SKU: CHF39.969

100ml Diffuser

SKU: CHF39.716

100ml Flower Pot

SKU: CHF14.65

100ml Frasca

SKU: CPR14.122

100ml Ribbed Diffuser

SKU: CHF14.230

175ml Round

SKU: CHF14.145

200ml Aroma

SKU: CHF46.736

30ml Dot Jar

SKU: CFD39.357

40ml Square

SKU: CPR14.128

50ml CGP Square

SKU: CHF12.241

80ml Square Science

SKU: CPR14.207