Cream Jars

Explore our Glass Cream Jars selection, crafted for premium skincare products. These jars offer a blend of elegance and functionality, ensuring optimal storage for various creams and lotions. Available in assorted sizes and designs to complement your skincare routine with sophistication and practicality

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100ml Balm Jar

SKU: CPC47.850

10ml 10YB13112

SKU: CPC08.1098

120ml Flora

SKU: CPC34.904

20ml 20YB13118

SKU: CPC08.934

30gm Jar

SKU: CPC33.947

30ml Flora

SKU: CPC34.905

50gm Jar

SKU: CPC33.962

50ml 50YB13120

SKU: CPC08.111

50ml 50ZGZ

SKU: CPC08.110

50ml New Synergy

SKU: CPC14.66

50ml Simple Jar

SKU: CPC12.788

5ml 5YB13142

SKU: CPC08.1157