Discover our versatile range of multipurpose glass containers designed to meet diverse storage needs. Crafted from high-quality glass, these containers offer reliability and functionality for various uses.

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1.5ltr PG Jar

SKU: CFD12.188

1.5oz Mini Jam Jar

SKU: CFD12.68

1000ml PG Square Jar

SKU: CFD12.195

1000ml PGL Cubical Jar

SKU: CFD12.194

100ml Hexagonal Jar

SKU: CFD14.119

100ml Hexagonal Jar

SKU: CFD39.265

120ml Clear Jar

SKU: CFD12.221

125ml Masroom

SKU: CFD12.283

1400ml PG Square Jar

SKU: CFD12.192

1800ml PG Square Jar

SKU: CFD12.193

190ml Panelled Jar

SKU: CFD12.69

1ltr PG jar

SKU: CFD12.189