Chaudhary Glasspack Private Limited | Timeline
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Chaudhary Glasspack Private Limited is the subsidiary of Chaudhary Trading Co, Est 1965. Currently supported by the family’s third generation, the company is well known for supplying an extensive portfolio of glass bottles for various industries, primarily perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverages, liquor and pharmaceuticals. We also provide plastic and aluminium caps, aerosol pumps and other packaging materials.

Our knowledge and experience have led us to become one of the leading distributors for several Glass Manufacturers in India. Strategic tie-ups with some of the leading glass manufacturers in India, China and the Middle East make us extremely competitive and efficient in finding the most suitable source for your Glass Packaging Requirements.

Our logistics teams operating from our offices in New Delhi(India) and Dubai (UAE) ensure prompt service, efficient communication and extremely accurate delivery times for your packaging requirement.

We have also ventured into Glass Bottle Manufacturing and setup a 135 Tonnes Per Day unit in partnership in the Sultunate of Oman. The plant started production in 2009 and is now exporting Glass Bottles to over twenty countries.

Our Journey So Far

1965 – When It All Began!

Started the business of glass products and began selling products such as Table ware (water and tea glasses) and glass globe (chimney) which were used in the lantern. Given the time and era that we were in, all goods used to get transported in the Goods train.


1975 – Glass Jars

As time passed by, we shifted our product line to bottles for food industry, pharmaceuticals, hair oils and cream. Our speciality was to sell Air Tight Bakery jars of capacities upto 20kgs in India. Moreover, all our bottles were made at semi-automatic factories at the time.

1981 – Codd Bottle

This was a remarkable year for us, as we added a new product line to our portfolio Codd Bottle. We were the only sole distributors for Codd bottles in India.


1993 – New Office

Taking a step further, we relocated to a new office space with a bigger team, and more business orders.

1995 – Perfume Bottle

We added Perfume Bottles to our portfolio and soon this became the pillar for our growth in the future years.

2007 – Oman

We setup a glass manufacturing unit in Sultunate of Oman in partnership. This was a green field project and today the production stands at 135MT per dayof flint glass bottles with exports to over 20 countries.

2012 – Nail Polish

We added Nail Polsih Glass bottles to our product line.


2016 – Exports

We started exports and started buying form China. This year we started our dubai office as well.

2018 – Brand Refresh

Revamped our corporate identity.