Chaudhary Glasspack Private Limited | FAQ’s
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Here are some very frequently asked questions, which might just help!

  • Why Choose Glass Bottles?

    Unburdening the world from disposable plastic bottles, as well as to lighten the planet from the exaggerated amount of plastic waste that fills landfills all over the world.

  • How Often Can Glass Bottles Be Reused?

    50 times and more! As a result, and even if you ignore their obvious advantages, such as absolute odour neutrality or total imperviousness, glass bottles are a far better option than plastic.

  • Can I Have My Own Bottle Made?

    Yes. We can get it designed as per your requirements depending on the size, quantity and mould cost.

  • Can I Have An Unusual Bottle Or Jar?

    Yes. We specialize in unusual shapes as well. Have a look at our wide range of products.

  • What If I Don’t See The Kind Of Product Listed Here That I Want?

    We offer a wide range of glass packaging options for food, perfume, nailpolish, cosmetics, beverages and more. If you are interested in bottles other than those available here, please send us an email with an attachment of a bottle image that you are looking for.

  • What Is Your Minimum Order?

    You need to order a minimum of one box of the kind of the bottle you require. However, freight (and other delivery) charges will be applied on small orders.

  • Can I Have My Own Closures Designed?

    Yes. We can get it designed as per your requirements depending on the size, quantity and mould cost.

  • What Size Closure Does The Bottle Need?

    Closure sizes vary based on the bottle design but follow industry standards. Detailed specifications are available on each product page.

  • Is The Closure Included With The Bottle?

    No, it is not.

  • What Kinds Of Finishes Do You Offer?

    Finish options are specific to each bottle, and are displayed on their respective product pages. Our products cover a range of options, including pry-off, cork and more.

  • Can I Get My Labels Or Stickers Made?

    We provide glass bottle products only, however we can get printing done on your bottle.

  • Can I Get Some Samples?

    We can issue a few samples free of charge if we have them available, but for larger requests, we may ask for a contribution to the cost and postage/ courier charges.

  • Can I Get My Bottle Printed ?

    Yes. We can get your bottle printed