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Our Design Journey

1. Product Brief

Collaborate with clients, understand their requirement with respect to the right size, shape, quality and quantity of bottles required.

2. Product Sketch

After penning down your business needs, we create the detailed technical drawings of the product along with 3D images.

3. Product Mockup

Taking the final drawing forward, we prepare an acrylic mockup to help clients understand the shape of the final bottle.

4. Sample Approval

Next up, we prepare sample moulds to further make the glass bottle samples and send for client approval.

5. Final Production

Once the sample glass bottles are approved, we re-visit the entire design journey and  prepare for you a full and final set of glass products.

6. Logistics

A knock at your door, and the final product reaches your doorstep!

Product Catagories


Chaudhary Glasspack Private Limited is the subsidiary of Chaudhary Trading Co, Est 1965.. Currently supported by the family’s third generation, the company is well known for supplying an extensive portfolio of quality glass bottles for various industries, primarily perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverages, liquor and pharmaceuticals. We also provide plastic and aluminium caps, aerosol pumps and other packaging materials.